Making the purchase products easy

StoreKing lets Kirana stores order goods through an app, eliminating the distributors’ salespeople from the equation altogether. The idea of StoreKing is that, instead of having the retailer source goods from multiple distributors, StoreKing will be a one-stop-shop distributor. We have chosen to work only in rural cities where brands have limited reach through traditional … Read moreMaking the purchase products easy

Dialling down on PoS

When it comes to Kirana stores, it has the strongest card in its suit. Walmart’s $16 billion acquisition of Flipkart. Walmart’s B2B commerce business in India, where it sells products directly to 100,000 retailers. This potentially gives PhonePe exposure to all those retailers to whom Walmart currently sells. Not to just enable payment acceptance, but … Read moreDialling down on PoS

Whether anyone’s expansion plans work

Chinese cities are compact, and many of them already had significant cycling infrastructure when the bicycle-sharing companies came up. That’s not true of India. Where Chinese authorities can streamline the construction of cycling infrastructure, companies in India will have to deal with networks of local officials who may differ in their approach. Smartphones are a … Read moreWhether anyone’s expansion plans work

When things get ugly, determination makes it beautiful

It hasn’t been easy going though. ShareChat’s members are primarily nascent internet users, typically aged between 22 and 25. The app has had to deal with the dissemination of insensitive content or fake news, or actions that can even threaten the privacy of a user, all common issues when you are catering to new internet … Read moreWhen things get ugly, determination makes it beautiful

There are no algorithms or optimisation of route needed

While delivery personnel quit their jobs or switch loyalties primarily on account of salary considerations, the poor working conditions are also a major cause of attrition. There’s pressure to complete trips on time in difficult conditions like rain, and the stress of dealing with unhappy customers as well. According to experts, even cultural aspects play … Read moreThere are no algorithms or optimisation of route needed