Riding the e-scooter wave

Thanks to the initial lack of enthusiasm towards bicycles, mobility startups—like Mobycy—are now increasingly turning to e-scooters. But Bengaluru-based two-wheeler rental platform Bounce hasn’t given up on bicycles yet. It has reportedly bought out Ofo India’s bicycle assets. Now, why is a two-wheeler rental company interested in cycles? Possibly to have a fleet of a … Read moreRiding the e-scooter wave

Pine Labs sends itself a $110-million online gift voucher

The best gifts are those that keep on giving. It turns out buying a gift-management platform could work out the same. Offline payment processor Pine Labs bought gifting platform Qwikcilver Solutions for $110 million last month. And that buy checks multiple boxes for Pine Labs—more revenue, more retailers to reach out in India and internationally. … Read morePine Labs sends itself a $110-million online gift voucher

Decoding Sequoia’s Surge

Ask anyone in the Indian startup ecosystem about the state of the state—the answer will inevitably paint the last three years as a “golden period” for Indian startups and investors. Thanks in large part to VC-funded discounts and Jio-fuelled dirt-cheap data, the online market in India is booming like never before. Everything from ride-hailing to … Read moreDecoding Sequoia’s Surge