Old: B2C, gold: B2B

For many years now, the predominant model for e-commerce in India was “inventory-led”— customers order a product which ships instantly from warehouses run by online marketplaces like Flipkart or Amazon. In days gone by, the inventory belonged to Flipkart and Amazon, but later on, after pressure from India’s government, the inventory could belong to any … Read moreOld: B2C, gold: B2B

Lessons that we really need to learn

While these ecosystem challenges have always existed, innovation could help Airbnb overcome at least some of them. A source from a boutique hospitality consultancy points to Booking.com, another American brand, as an example of what Airbnb could do. Booking.com customized itself to the needs of Indian travelers by implementing a “Pay on Arrival” service in … Read moreLessons that we really need to learn

Riding the e-scooter wave

Thanks to the initial lack of enthusiasm towards bicycles, mobility startups—like Mobycy—are now increasingly turning to e-scooters. But Bengaluru-based two-wheeler rental platform Bounce hasn’t given up on bicycles yet. It has reportedly bought out Ofo India’s bicycle assets. Now, why is a two-wheeler rental company interested in cycles? Possibly to have a fleet of a … Read moreRiding the e-scooter wave

Pine Labs sends itself a $110-million online gift voucher

The best gifts are those that keep on giving. It turns out buying a gift-management platform could work out the same. Offline payment processor Pine Labs bought gifting platform Qwikcilver Solutions for $110 million last month. And that buy checks multiple boxes for Pine Labs—more revenue, more retailers to reach out in India and internationally. … Read morePine Labs sends itself a $110-million online gift voucher